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Olivier Maria
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PostSubject: CLASS IS IN!   Sat Jan 25, 2014 4:54 pm

The Republic

We want to know about you, so make sure that your first post and topic will be an introduction in Introductions section. Then our members will welcome you and that will be your official start in [DDR]; Devine Dueling Republic.

House  System

As you have noticed your level is 1, and you are "unplaced". We have 4 Houses: Armistice Red, Phoenix Yellow, Paladin Blue and Sinister Green. For us, you are valuable as your dueling play style. This means, you start in any house that you think fits you and work your way up to Level 12 Which makes you a DORM LEADER, Unless a Current DORM LEADER is already in power. (you can challenge the DORM LEADER for power at the risk of losing all your EXP. Leveling up has two methods. First one is our DUELING ACCOMPLISHMENTS you earn points as you win duels. Second way is to participate in tournaments and events which give exp points as a reward.

Now, you learned about Dorm System and it is time to create your own dorm room. Dorm room is your own thread which is created in the dorm you belong to, and you can post things you like there. DDR is your home and that thread is your room in the house. Just don't post inappropriate content and keep it as a room, not some kind of hall where everyone posts like crazy. If you don't know what to post, try to look in other members' rooms and see if you can get some inspiration.

Experience Points

Experience Points (EXP) are used to level up. When you register, you start with 0 EXP. EXP gives you ability to Level up, and Gamble. We also trade EXP for graphical art like banners, signatures, avatars or any kind available. More important it gives ability to Use Dorm Skills. To learn more about Dorm Skills see the dorm section you want to know about. A way to earn EXP is Battle Arena and Shadow Arena. In Battle Arena you challenge any member to a single duel, a match, or a dorm duel. For each single duel win you gain 25exp and loser does not loses 10exp  (Example: A 2wins - 1win B in a match. A gets 50exp and B loses 10exp). In Shadow Arena both duelists bet exp amount of their exp and winner takes them all. Outside duelists can also side bet on a duel that hasn't taken place if wrong the house takes the exp. For more information please ask your local PEACE KEEPER. 

Dorm Dueling

Dorm Dueling is the pride of the republic, as a member you should take part in dorm duels regularly to help keep your dorm #1 at all times! 

However it is NOT required that you take part in a dorm duel, with that said lets move on to how it works!!

 Each of the four houses have

 unique abilities that you can use while dorm dueling. [You can find out what they are by visiting your house.] Every time you earn EXP it

 gets you closer to a new skill level. The four skill levels are; Beginner, Intermediate, Adept, and Advance. Each Skill Level has a different

 skill you can use in a dorm duel, however you lose the previous skill once you have enough EXP to move up!     

About Us


Republic is a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan site. It is a forum based on Hogwarts School of wizards with our very on Quidditch, which we call DORM DUELING We don't make money from Anyone. Our goal is to give duelists around the world better online dueling experience with much more fun. Joining our site your dueling will have a purpose. You will learn more about Yu-Gi-Oh!, make new friends, compete with the best and on top of all, feel like you are in Hogwarts Duel VERSION. We offer tournaments, special events, many kinds of dueling challenges, great article library, card and deck discussions, professional help and much more.

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